About Us


The founders of Jantilla Inc. have lived abroad for several years mainly in the United States, Europe and Africa and have been able to make critical observation that there is an acute lack of appropriate platform that enables the Ethiopian diaspora to share knowledge and experiences among themselves and with other communities. Followed by an in-depth situational analysis and with the aim to serve as a global interactive public platform, Jantilla Inc. has been established in Maryland, USA.

Our Vision

To be an industry leader in empowering people and embracing ideas, through state of the art interactive public forums and run by organized team of passionate, creative and inspired young people who love what they do.

Our Mission

Advancing Together through empowering people and embracing ideas! Jantilla strives to enhance communication and networking among the Ethiopian diaspora and other communities through knowledge transfer and information sharing platforms such as town-hall meetings, televised debates, conferences, symposiums, workshops, exhibitions and other similar social events.

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